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Oriental cup 2016 national assistive device service skills competition

Oriental cup 2016 national assistive device service skills competition

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    October 17th, sponsored by the China Disabled Persons' Federation, the China Disabled Persons auxiliary equipment center hosted the "Oriental Cup" national assistive equipment service skills competition in 2016 successfully concluded。 China FIMITIC party members, vice president Jia Yong attended and delivered a speech contest。 Director China disabled rehabilitation department Hu Xiangyang, Chinese AIDS Center disabled director Li Xi, the Ministry of human resources and education training center training department director Cheng Fang, part of the local federation party secretary and chairman attended the closing ceremony。

    Jia Yong, deputy director of the award-winning team first expressed congratulations, and the significance of the contest held fully affirmed. He pointed out that AIDS occupation skill competition is to thoroughly implement the "" 13th Five-Year "to accelerate the disabled well-off process plan" and "national disability prevention action plan (2016 - 2020)" an important measure of the contest, the form of innovation, rich in content, is to promote the professional and technical personnel training and growth platform. He asked earnestly sum up the experience of service skills competition, speed up the ability to adapt to improve service, and constantly meet the needs of the majority of assistive devices for the disabled.
    Compared to the first session of the skills competition, this competition has increased the new content, in addition to AIDS service professional skills competition, also set up a national AIDS case adaptation show contest and the National AIDS teaching micro video contest, and "the most popular team", "the most beautiful corner of Yangtze River" WeChat voting. The case adaptation show competition, the displayed years of technical service achievements; micro video contest, the spread of AIDS knowledge through a variety of ways, promote AIDS career; "the most popular team" just three days WeChat vote on-line, has attracted 430 thousand people to vote, "China assistive WeChat appliance center" public "brush" nearly million people; "the most beautiful corner of the Yangtze River" to publicize the new course of the Yangtze River Project (phase third) prostheticservices project organization construction achievements.
    In the fierce competition in the AIDS service professional skills competition, after preliminaries, semi-finals and finals of the competition, the teams are in fierce competition of theoretical and practical aspects, and ultimately the Shanghai team won the championship, Beijing team and Qingdao team won the two prize, Jiangsu team, Tianjin team and Henan team won the third-prize.
   Through active participation in Chinese AIDS Center disabled meticulously and all levels of aid agencies, the contest has become the brand competition AIDS training national CDPF system. The provinces as an effective form of talent, talent, 140 contestants are selected through the layers of the business experts, talent shows itself in the game, they learn skills, learning exchanges, show a higher level of service. Adaptation technology and service personnel have been paid attention to and continue to improve, for the next phase of the outline of the auxiliary equipment to complete the task of laying a solid foundation.

The picture shows Jia Yong, vice chairman of the Shanghai Team Award
Pictured director Hu Xiangyang, director of the Qingdao team, Beijing team photo taken as a souvenir of the day
Pictured deputy director of the China Jiangsu team, Tianjin team and Henan team photo
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